What We FullMetal Alchemist Fans Think of Alchemy Versus What Most People Think


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Change the World?

Scrolling down my reader page I wanted to read something inspirational and this fits my description. The moment I read it I figured I had too share it. This is my day’s advice to my readers!
~ Vaidehee

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Hello, the Busy Wind Being Blowing Over!

“Busy is a drug a lot of people are addicted to.” ~ Rob Bell

For the past few days, my fingers have been itching to get a blog post done, but unfortunately there is only 24 hours in a day. This is a superb quotes online a found, you really have to think to get the meaning. Sometimes we get SO busy with our lives, the beautiful moments are forgotten. Remember being busy is easy, but getting unaddicted and prioritizing is difficult.


“Let Your Smile Change the World, but Don’t Let the World Change Your Smile.”

” Let your smile change the world, but do not let the world change your smile.” -Unknown

Aww! How sweet! As we enter a new year of school, let us take this little bit of advice with us. Enjoy the first full week of school!-Vaidehee


1001 Ways to Happiness- Third Way

Enjoying the last days of summer, with happiness. Hope this third piece of advice brightens your day!

” The path to happiness is paved with dreams, but don’t forget to admire the beauty of the landscape as you travel.” – Quoted from ‘ 1001 Ways to Happiness’


1001 Ways to Happiness- 2nd Way!

Hope you liked the first day’s advice. Here the 2nd way to happiness.

“When one door closes, another opens.”- Quoted from ‘1001 Ways to Happiness’


Inspiring Quote of the Day!

Apply this to your day, your month and your life. Make this the beating of your heart, so in life you achieve more than an A+. Keep living life to the fullest and enjoy! Hoping this elites your day, and ignites a hope to keep going. Have a great day! Vaidehee




I am pleased to announce that I have gotten 200 likes on my blog! Whoopee!! Thank you for the support and likes. This one for you guys!! ❤ ❤ Party Time!!

When I Was Born……..

When I Was Born……..

Read this mind twisting quote, which you’ll probably get after reading twice or maybe. Hehe, trying to get my brain to stop snoozing over summer! ^O^ Advertisements


Have You Done One of These? Probably…

The picture speaks for itself….Kinda embarsing to know that you once did this…. hehe…^O^

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