Happy New Year!

I wish everyone a very happy new year! Thank you for great year and a half (I think) of blogging. See you again next year!


Merry (Late) Christmas and Happy (Early) New Year!

Hello again. Well, what has happened since I have last posted? Presents on the 25th, sales on the 26th, too many parties and plenty of food is how my holidays are shaping up. My last post included a Merry (early) Christmas and this one includes a Happy New Year, just in case I forget.

-Enjoy the season’s joy and peace.



Merry (Almost) Christmas

Just checking the calendar only to find out there is only 2 days or less than 48 hours till Christmas! Wow I can hardly believe it, December has flown by pretty quickly as Christmas and New Year are creeping up on us. But as they say embrace the holiday spirit as it only comes once  a year. So take those lights, ornaments and Christmas joy out (if you haven’t already) and remember to listen for Santa’s bells.

Vaidehee- quite excited for Christmas

A Minute and a Half of 2013 Most Memorable Moments!

8 more restless and anxious days waiting till the new year! I can’t believe how fast 2013 whipped by in the blink of an eye. This year was full of some of life’s most memorable moments, every smile included! 2013 was not just a special, breakthrough, awe- inspiring year just for us, but  also for the world.

What a year is all I can say. Watch and remember some of the biggest moments of 2013 and you’ll be left saying the same thing.



Daily Inspirations #5; Happiness is the Key to Life!

Wow, what a clear description of life! When I first read the starting  sentence of this quote, I didn’t fully understand the meaning, but as I read on  I couldn’t help but be astounded at the end. Often I find in life, many keep searching for the meaning of it but fail because the don’t realize it’s right in front of them. Happiness is a definite key to the door of life, we just have to embrace it with open arms. It’s there in our daily lives, we have to dig deep and find it. Finding happiness is finding part of yourself lost in the chaos of life. So join me this holiday season in embracing the true Christmas spirit, happiness.


P.S- Welcome to the reopened file of Daily Inspirations, when I stopped writing them I couldn’t help but feel a little part of my website had well, died. So on this chilly evening I will reopen what has been absent for a quite a while and try my best to inspire my readers to lead a life full of love, laughter and dreams. Welcome back Daily Inspirations!

New Year’s On It’s Way; 4 Days Of 2012

Four last days of 2012 are here on our doorsteps! So get ready to flip calendars to 2013 and  instead of writing the date with 2012 change it 2013. It’s hard the first couple of weeks in the New Year. Everyone’s tired and exhausted from the partying last year. And then there all the new stuff and challenges the New Year brings. But all of that complaining and exhaustion goes away eventually especially when you think of all that good things new year’s bring. The New Year is like a stocking. Most of the stuff inside we all cherish and love but sometimes there is that odd item or two that makes you  groan inside. My most favourite  part t of the New Year is dreaming about what’s going to happen whether  it happens or not! So get ready to ring in the New Year with a bang! But while we wait let us enjoy the last few days of 2012.


P.S- there will be a New Year’s post! Just keep waiting!!





Daily Inspirations #3



The turth is stated clearly! For the first time I have seen a quote so direct and straight out. Three words that have a whole lot behind it! >0<  I choose this because the new year is coming right before  eyes. And if we want something to happen we can’t keep sitting there waiting for it to hit, we have to take action! Sometimes we sit back just waiting thinking if we be patient  it could work. Or we get so busy in our devoted lives that we forget our dreams! But this new year I am going to make a change, I am going set goals for the future to make them happen.I want to be able to make 2013 special, not say “I hope 2013 will be a great year”.  But it really depends on us! So lets make it happen! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!