100+ Posts on Life’s Ingredients!

Wow, I just finished posting and I’m back again doesn’t happen very often, eh? Well, I’m here to tell you I have now reached a hundred posts! To only think, 2 months back I  was waiting for this moment and the moment came, I myself was to too busy in the adventure we call life to take notice. But it feels great to think I stuck to this blog and accomplished 100+ posts. A big thank you goes out to my readers, who took interest in the finding the life’s ingredients!

~ Your faithful writer, Vaidehee.



Inspirational FullMetal Alchemist Collage

Check out this inspiration/cool/AWESOME collage from the anime FullMetal Alchemist (for those of you who haven’t read  or watched the series you’re missing out on an action-packed, drama filled read or watch)! This collage describes Edward (from the series) to a ‘T’ and if you are a fan like me this means the world to you! ^ o^

~Vaidehee- still a very on obsessed fan from FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood Series.



WE DAY; An Experience of a Lifetime!




Stomp, stomp, clap, clap, under over, WE DAY and the crowd goes wild!   The energy and motivation at Credit Union was beyond this generation.   When the lights started to dim and hundreds of bracelets lit the room, the excitement as well as the inspiration rose.  Thru the day there were  heart wrenching moments, where you living the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. or genuinely touched by Molly Bruke’s life story.

Can you imagine being in a room with 15 000 life-changers, who have created a difference in someone’s life? Being at We Day taught me one thing for sure, your never too young to make a difference for somebody else. Most of us are intimated by our ages when thinking about creating a positive change in the world. But when you see with your very own eyes the differences youth such as Vishal Vijay and Hannah Alper are making, the world becomes a smaller place.  Never  being to young for change goes hand in hand with moving from just  me to we. We have to stop thinking just about ourselves and make better choices, raise our voices for those who are silenced and create a better world. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in this world.”

As crowd pumper I felt it was the best job at We Day,  I mean you cheer along and have fun,  but also ensure everyone  feels  welcome. I walked into Credit Union wanting to have a great day, and walked out having the inspiration to change this world for the better.  Being a crowd pumper was a life time experience and I would do it again in a shout!

Remember those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible. We can all make change possible if we try!



Daily Inspirations #4

As the countdown to New Year  continues this will be the last “Daily Inspirations” for 2012. But not to fear “Daily Inspirations” will continue in the New Year! ^o^ “Daily Inspirations” has inspired me to think out of the box, streach my limits and believe in what I could achieve. It has been great fun writing “Daily Inspirations” and I hope you enjoy this last 2012 “Daily Inspirations”.

I have to say this “Daily Inspiration” took the longest time to find, but it is also my favourite out of the “Daily Inspirations” in 2012 (plus the picture is actually in the middle of the page. -_-)  What I believe this quote means is that most things start small but they grow after effort and hard work has been put into it. And it’s giving an oak tree as an example. I believe it also means that don’t give up just because you fall get up and try  again. This quote I can directly relate to, when the idea first entered my mind to start a blog I couldn’t think of a name for it. It took me the whole summer and I gave up a few times. Until I came up with “Life’s Indgreidents” that took care of that hurdle but there were more coming my way. I didn’t get many readers or likes. And looking at other people’s blog and how they progressed I thought why is no one reading my posts. But I still kept   trying and when the idea came to me to start a quotes section thats when I got my first two followers. And I can’t tell you how happy I was then and still what pride and joy I take to do this post everyday! It’s not like everyday I get 200 views and instant likes but I am closer to my goal then I was before. Like I always tell you guys who read my “Daily Inspirations” take time to read this quote because I am postive that you will have a memory recall of an experience of yours. Or maybe it will inspire you to take up a goal that you could have left behind. Like I said before the sky can’t be the only limit in life!  I hope my readers enjoy this as much as the other “Daily Inspiartions”! ^o^


Daily Inspirations #3



The turth is stated clearly! For the first time I have seen a quote so direct and straight out. Three words that have a whole lot behind it! >0<  I choose this because the new year is coming right before  eyes. And if we want something to happen we can’t keep sitting there waiting for it to hit, we have to take action! Sometimes we sit back just waiting thinking if we be patient  it could work. Or we get so busy in our devoted lives that we forget our dreams! But this new year I am going to make a change, I am going set goals for the future to make them happen.I want to be able to make 2013 special, not say “I hope 2013 will be a great year”.  But it really depends on us! So lets make it happen! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!



Daily Inspirations!!!

Yep, I am totally one of people that not only, dream of change but do it. Think about it, if everyone in our world, made a postive change our world would be a better place, to be!  Now, this quote inspirational!!!! No-doubt. My goal for this blog is to post a quote per week, that makes me and the people who vist my blog think it over and apply it to their daily life! 🙂

P.S-  Quotes, are definitely, going on my life list!!!!

By: Vaideheee