Inspirational FullMetal Alchemist Collage

Check out this inspiration/cool/AWESOME collage from the anime FullMetal Alchemist (for those of you who haven’t read  or watched the series you’re missing out on an action-packed, drama filled read or watch)! This collage describes Edward (from the series) to a ‘T’ and if you are a fan like me this means the world to you! ^ o^

~Vaidehee- still a very on obsessed fan from FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood Series.




Live, Love, Laugh and Dream; the Comeback of Daily Inspirations.

Sitting here on the same laptop I did a year ago, memories of my first Daily Inspirations are floating back to me. Daily Inspirations were an idea that struck me like a lightening blot. It was a way for me to grow as person and inspire others to do the same. So often in life we say we wish  it  was perfect (I am equally guiltily), but think about it, we have the power to change our lives to the ideal. I know how it like to need the power to do something, being a quote lover its an honour to share the inspiration with my readers. Needing inspiration is perfectly fine and to be honest I could use a dose of it every so often. Through the past year there has been one thing that has been missing from my website, that’s inspiration. So on this chilly evening, I reopen a blog which was buried under memories, welcome back to Daily Inspirations!

~ Vaidehee

Remember the sky isn’t the only limit in life.

Daily Inspirations #5; Happiness is the Key to Life!

Wow, what a clear description of life! When I first read the starting  sentence of this quote, I didn’t fully understand the meaning, but as I read on  I couldn’t help but be astounded at the end. Often I find in life, many keep searching for the meaning of it but fail because the don’t realize it’s right in front of them. Happiness is a definite key to the door of life, we just have to embrace it with open arms. It’s there in our daily lives, we have to dig deep and find it. Finding happiness is finding part of yourself lost in the chaos of life. So join me this holiday season in embracing the true Christmas spirit, happiness.


P.S- Welcome to the reopened file of Daily Inspirations, when I stopped writing them I couldn’t help but feel a little part of my website had well, died. So on this chilly evening I will reopen what has been absent for a quite a while and try my best to inspire my readers to lead a life full of love, laughter and dreams. Welcome back Daily Inspirations!

Pep Talk From Kid President

The “Kid President” is giving you a personal pep talk!! Everyone needs encouragement and an inspiration once in a while to get up in the morning, face a new challenge or just be yourself. Take the pep talk from a kid named Robby Novak who calls himself “Kid President”. He knows how life works and wants the world to change to awesome! So try it!! This is an inspiration all the way!^o^ Send this evegypne you know it’s an amazingly cute inspiration to get you moving!! GET MOVING!!! Like “Kid President” said “this is our time”!!