1001 Ways to Happiness- Third Way

Enjoying the last days of summer, with happiness. Hope this third piece of advice brightens your day!

” The path to happiness is paved with dreams, but don’t forget to admire the beauty of the landscape as you travel.” – Quoted from ‘ 1001 Ways to Happiness’


Naruto;What a Weird Manga….SO FAR -_-

Naruto 0: Naruto Pilot Manga at MangaFox.meWNaruto 0: Naruto Pilot Manga at MangaFox.meNaruto 0: Naruto Pilot Manga at MangaFox.me


This is from Naruto Chapter 0 the prologue. The characters are drawen SO weird, but I hope reading this is worth the while later on!! So long for now.

Here is a link if you want to read Naruto.