Merry (Late) Christmas and Happy (Early) New Year!

Hello again. Well, what has happened since I have last posted? Presents on the 25th, sales on the 26th, too many parties and plenty of food is how my holidays are shaping up. My last post included a Merry (early) Christmas and this one includes a Happy New Year, just in case I forget.

-Enjoy the season’s joy and peace.




Turkey Weekend! Happy Thanksgiving!!

As the turkey, pumpkin pies and stuffings comes around once again, I say ‘Happy Thanksgiving’! The turkey weekend is once again at our doorsteps, can you feel the excitement? But remember grateful is the way to be.  The meaning of Thanksgiving is to be perfectly grateful.


Have a great turkey weekend!

Life’s Clock!




Have you ever felt like the past months of your life have been a simple blur. All connected, but gone in a snap of your fingers. It happens often belive me, I have  the experience and its hard to avoid. These past months have felt like a tornado (the weather doesn’t help!) Busy just doen’t cut it anymore.  There are only 86400  seconds in a day. I mean how much is one person supposed to accomplish?? But now I feel the need to just relax and slow down my already fast train. I’m thinking ice-cream, manga, maximum ride, just dance, etc…………………….

I wonder if life has a clock, it would probaly look like the one below!


This is how my life has been the past months. At least it was good work  out.

                                                                                                                              By Vaidehee