A Minute and a Half of 2013 Most Memorable Moments!

8 more restless and anxious days waiting till the new year! I can’t believe how fast 2013 whipped by in the blink of an eye. This year was full of some of life’s most memorable moments, every smile included! 2013 was not just a special, breakthrough, awe- inspiring year just for us, but  also for the world.

What a year is all I can say. Watch and remember some of the biggest moments of 2013 and you’ll be left saying the same thing.




Happiness Enfluged Me…

Happiness isn’t a place, its a direction and I’m very happy to share it with my readers.  Share the happiness, its better that way.

~Vaidehee L.

The Countdown to the 1st Anniversary of Life’s Ingredients Begins! 15 More Days!

As the Halloween countdown finishes another one starts, the countdown to the very first anniversary of the blog! I am very excited to be sharing this very good news with my faithful readers. So come join me online on Saturday, November 16th to celebrate the success of Life’s Ingredients! You can count on quite a few special posts coming your way! Thanks for reading!

~ Vaidehee ^o^