100+ Posts on Life’s Ingredients!

Wow, I just finished posting and I’m back again doesn’t happen very often, eh? Well, I’m here to tell you I have now reached a hundred posts! To only think, 2 months back I  was waiting for this moment and the moment came, I myself was to too busy in the adventure we call life to take notice. But it feels great to think I stuck to this blog and accomplished 100+ posts. A big thank you goes out to my readers, who took interest in the finding the life’s ingredients!

~ Your faithful writer, Vaidehee.



No Ideas?? Join the Boat?? >o<

Ok. For the past 30minutes I have been planning a post but can’t think of ANYTHING!! Uhh. Why?? This is one of the times I wish I had an idea generator (see post “Idea Generator” if your lost :D). So I guess this counts as a post a SUPER random but a post. So what should I write about next……..??? HELP!

P.S-the tags below do NOT make sense I just clicked recommended tags. Now I am truly out of ideas…. 🙂