What We FullMetal Alchemist Fans Think of Alchemy Versus What Most People Think


FMA <3!!!


The Countdown to the 1st Anniversary of Life’s Ingredients Begins! 15 More Days!

As the Halloween countdown finishes another one starts, the countdown to the very first anniversary of the blog! I am very excited to be sharing this very good news with my faithful readers. So come join me online on Saturday, November 16th to celebrate the success of Life’s Ingredients! You can count on quite a few special posts coming your way! Thanks for reading!

~ Vaidehee ^o^


Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, WordPress or Other Social Sites??

There are SO much other social media sites out there, which one to choose??

These days there are more social media sites out there than you can count. Which one? I mean how? For me prefer WordPress, since I ‘m a writer.    Watch out for my upcoming article on social media to figure out how to choose. If you have any comments on this issue, please weigh in your opinion.


happy blogging!!