Live, Love, Laugh and Dream; the Comeback of Daily Inspirations.

Sitting here on the same laptop I did a year ago, memories of my first Daily Inspirations are floating back to me. Daily Inspirations were an idea that struck me like a lightening blot. It was a way for me to grow as person and inspire others to do the same. So often in life we say we wish  it  was perfect (I am equally guiltily), but think about it, we have the power to change our lives to the ideal. I know how it like to need the power to do something, being a quote lover its an honour to share the inspiration with my readers. Needing inspiration is perfectly fine and to be honest I could use a dose of it every so often. Through the past year there has been one thing that has been missing from my website, that’s inspiration. So on this chilly evening, I reopen a blog which was buried under memories, welcome back to Daily Inspirations!

~ Vaidehee

Remember the sky isn’t the only limit in life.


Daily Inspirations #5; Happiness is the Key to Life!

Wow, what a clear description of life! When I first read the starting  sentence of this quote, I didn’t fully understand the meaning, but as I read on  I couldn’t help but be astounded at the end. Often I find in life, many keep searching for the meaning of it but fail because the don’t realize it’s right in front of them. Happiness is a definite key to the door of life, we just have to embrace it with open arms. It’s there in our daily lives, we have to dig deep and find it. Finding happiness is finding part of yourself lost in the chaos of life. So join me this holiday season in embracing the true Christmas spirit, happiness.


P.S- Welcome to the reopened file of Daily Inspirations, when I stopped writing them I couldn’t help but feel a little part of my website had well, died. So on this chilly evening I will reopen what has been absent for a quite a while and try my best to inspire my readers to lead a life full of love, laughter and dreams. Welcome back Daily Inspirations!

365 Days of Life’s Ingredients; A Year of Beautiful Moments!

“Life is a unique tapestry woven together, so lets enjoy it!” ~ Vaidehee

After a year of blogging, 365 days of beautiful moments, I feel positive about the present , pleased with the past and  ready for the future! When I started Life’s Ingredients it was to recognize and appreciate the unique and different moments of life. To slow down and enjoy life with all you can give. Life’s Ingredients has given me a platform to voice my opinions and grow not only as a blogger and writer, but as a person. This bogging year  has flown by with crazy colours,  wonderful surprises and challenges. But lets not forget your contribution, without the support of you, the reader, Life’s Ingredients would not have been as successful. I hope to keep inspiring my readers to enjoy life, to accept every challenge it has to offer you and trek for a better world! I am Vaidehee and thank you for a wonderful year of blogging!

~Vaidehee L.

WE DAY; An Experience of a Lifetime!




Stomp, stomp, clap, clap, under over, WE DAY and the crowd goes wild!   The energy and motivation at Credit Union was beyond this generation.   When the lights started to dim and hundreds of bracelets lit the room, the excitement as well as the inspiration rose.  Thru the day there were  heart wrenching moments, where you living the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. or genuinely touched by Molly Bruke’s life story.

Can you imagine being in a room with 15 000 life-changers, who have created a difference in someone’s life? Being at We Day taught me one thing for sure, your never too young to make a difference for somebody else. Most of us are intimated by our ages when thinking about creating a positive change in the world. But when you see with your very own eyes the differences youth such as Vishal Vijay and Hannah Alper are making, the world becomes a smaller place.  Never  being to young for change goes hand in hand with moving from just  me to we. We have to stop thinking just about ourselves and make better choices, raise our voices for those who are silenced and create a better world. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in this world.”

As crowd pumper I felt it was the best job at We Day,  I mean you cheer along and have fun,  but also ensure everyone  feels  welcome. I walked into Credit Union wanting to have a great day, and walked out having the inspiration to change this world for the better.  Being a crowd pumper was a life time experience and I would do it again in a shout!

Remember those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible. We can all make change possible if we try!