The Amazing Night Called Halloween

Halloween as you can see is one of the season I
enjoy! Dressing up from a young age and shouting ‘trick and treat’ has been a highlight and will hopefully continue to be. Tonight was absolutely chilling but fun as well. Now let’s begin the scary Halloween stories…

P.S~ comment on your Halloween experience below let’s enjoy these tiny yet equally beautiful moments of life.

~ Vaidehee


Day #2 of Divergent Trilogy Madness!!

Welcome to Allegiant madness! Since my last two posts have been on Allegiant- the Divergent trilogy I have dedicated a post or two every week  to the madness of Divergent trilogy! So welcome to the limited edition of the madness! I found this quote and I just can not wait to read this book. Enjoy!





Allegiant…. What Faction do You Represent??

The day has come where we all choose our factions for… ONE day. It could be Candor, Dauntless, Amity, Erudite or Abnegation. The choice remains up to you.

P.S- If you really want to show loyalty to  your faction then dress in what they would. Here are some examples down below. Enjoy this Divergent filled day!


The book everyone’s been waiting for since it dazed us is coming out today! Allegiant is the final book in the Divergent trilogy and will wrap up the loose strings. So… are you excited??

P.S- If you have no clue what book I’m talking out you’re missing out BIG TIME! But time has not run out yet my friend, so your best choice would be to read it. 🙂

Follow Me and Science Wonders Elsewhere

Hello,and welcome to the other world,the cyber world. If you like what your seeing here on Life’s Ingredients check out a website I now have. Its dedicated to the brilliant science world and hopefully you find it interesting. Click here to be blasted in my amazing adventures in the Science world!!