Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!! Here are some cute pictures I found for easter!




Another aww……………….

Have a happy easter!- Vaidehee


Celebrating 20 Posts on Life’s Ingredients!!

Now’s the time to celebrate folks! “Inner Ninja;Find Your Inner Ninja”marks the twentieth post on Life’s Ingredients! I look forward to celebrating after 10 more posts or in the near future the 50th post on Life’s Ingredients! ^o^

“Life is a unique tapestry woven together so lets enjoy it!!”- Vaidehee L.

Reading a Well Read Book by Vaidehee

Ever grabbed a well read, well-worn read off the bookshelf and turned its familiar pages?Perhaps you have. Memorized all the words on the pages but simply can’t resist reading it just once more. Well my friends don’t worry. You’re not alone. It could be a fairy tale from Neverland, or a middle school love story. Why not a non-fiction safari adventure or an action packed manga? Even though you have read the words more than a gazillion billion times before, the pages of the book still come at you with great surprise, adventure and new revolving feelings. As you understand the story even better. You may get that sudden flashback of a memory of you first reading this book or begging your mother to read it to you. That’s the thing people; you can’t get the same feeling from a brand new crisp paperback or hard cover off the book store racks that still has its price tag on the back. There is something extra special and unique about that old, page crinkled book that makes you pick it up. There is no reason to fret sooner than later its cover will become well known too.


Written by Vaidehee L.

*All rights reserved to Vaidehee L.

Life’s Clock!




Have you ever felt like the past months of your life have been a simple blur. All connected, but gone in a snap of your fingers. It happens often belive me, I have  the experience and its hard to avoid. These past months have felt like a tornado (the weather doesn’t help!) Busy just doen’t cut it anymore.  There are only 86400  seconds in a day. I mean how much is one person supposed to accomplish?? But now I feel the need to just relax and slow down my already fast train. I’m thinking ice-cream, manga, maximum ride, just dance, etc…………………….

I wonder if life has a clock, it would probaly look like the one below!


This is how my life has been the past months. At least it was good work  out.

                                                                                                                              By Vaidehee

Funny FullMetal Alchemist Pics ^o^

Funny FullMetal Alchemist Pics ^o^

For those of you who don’t know what FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood is (your missing out BIG time), an amazing manga which I just happened to finish last week.  I recommend all 26 volumes to anyone who’s up for action, adventure … Continue reading