Pep Talk From Kid President

The “Kid President” is giving you a personal pep talk!! Everyone needs encouragement and an inspiration once in a while to get up in the morning, face a new challenge or just be yourself. Take the pep talk from a kid named Robby Novak who calls himself “Kid President”. He knows how life works and wants the world to change to awesome! So try it!! This is an inspiration all the way!^o^ Send this evegypne you know it’s an amazingly cute inspiration to get you moving!! GET MOVING!!! Like “Kid President” said “this is our time”!!


“Cinder” by Marissa Meyer- Book Review by Vaidehee


Cinder is about a teen who lives in a world where there is a kind called “Lunar”. They are aliens that come from the moon ruling under Queen Levana, who threatens to destroy the Earth if Prince Kai of New Beijing doesn’t marry her. For a living, Cinder is a talented mechanic, but she’s only good at fixing things because she’s a cyborg! Doomed to life with her cruel and harsh step-mother and step-sisters, she’s forced to do whatever work her step-mother wants her to do otherwise she will be thrown on the streets. A deadly plague looms on the streets of Beijing and threatens to take the life of Cinder’s only step-sister who doesn’t care that she’s part robot. Cinder finds out that she is immune to the plague, so she is helping the research team find a cure so she can help save her step-sister, Peony. The Lunars have powers to make them look beautiful than they actually are. Their true beauty can only be seen by a mirror and a Lunar. Cinder meets the handsome, kind Prince Kai when he needs Cinder’s services to fix an android. They begin to warm up to each other finding friendship in hard times. Cinder’s past before she became a cyborg remains a mystery to her. Throughout the book, Cinder begins to learn more about her past and who she once was. And how to answer the question of her future.

My Thoughts

Cinder is an amazing read and I really enjoyed reading it and can’t wait for the second book “Scarlet” to come out in Febuary. I also, liked how the author foreshadowed about Cinder’s past throughout the book, letting the readers putting the pieces together about Cinder for themselves. Also, the emotional attachment was PERFECT in this book and made me cry so don’t worry if a tear or two drops out while reading this book! It was a very entertaining twist on the famous Cinderella story we all know and love.


I give “Cinder’ an exceeding 5/5 stars!! ^o^ It is definitely on the must read  list.

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Review of the book “Cinder” written by Vaidehee